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Failed police dogs Form: What You Should Know

For this reason, a special adoption program was established to offer the dogs a new home. Cancer Dog Adoption Policy — TSA We adopt dogs from local shelters due to their exceptional physical, mental, and behavioral  What Happens To Dogs That Failed Veterinary Specialists? — Rescue May 24, 2022 — The Vet Specialists Association's mission is to help rescue and rehome all breeds of dogs that are medically neglected or injured in  Veterinary practice is hard work, both physically and mentally. You can help by donating to the Vet Specialists Association is a rescue-only group: all rescues through Vet Specialists are 100% open to  All pets are available for adoption. We can take any cat or dog as long as it's healthy,  and can be spayed or neutered. If your dog has been rescued from a shelter, the first thing  to do is schedule an appointment at the Adoption Center in Ottawa. The Vet Specialists Association is a  private service, in Ontario, Canada. We provide veterinary care and emergency medical care throughout  Ontario, and all of our pets live with our staff. There are over 5,000 licensed  Vet Specialists in the province — some are more experienced than others. If you are interested in  being a Vet Specialist, please contact us.

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FAQ - Failed police dogs

What is the most pointless crime you've witnessed?
This isn't nearly as profound as some of the other stories but a pointless crime that had severe consequences. The stupidity that surrounded this felony still befuddles me today. I'm about to tell you the tale of the Nerdy Bookmark.In my late teens and early twenties I worked for a small company known as FExpress. Perhaps you've heard of them? Anyway, like thousands of other people in Indianapolis, I worked at FedExu2019s second largest terminal at the time, at the Indy airport.As you can imagine, being on the airportu2019s lot, as well as handling federal mail, security was a major priority for FedEx. Background checks were conducted and if you passed, you were issued a badge which was literally your lifeline to your job. I'm not joking, without that badge, you didn't really work.For one, you needed it just to get into the massive off site parking lot. From there, you had to flash your badge to the shuttle bus driver to get out of the parking lot and over to the HUB. Walk in the HUB doors and at that point, you'd had better be wearing that badge, either on a lanyard or attached to your arm in a bright orange arm band pouch, it had to be clearly displayed and was required to be above your waist. This was necessary in order to speed up the security line you had to walk through, and by security line, I mean airport security, complete with full body metal detectors and x-ray machines for your backpack to pass through. Not to mention, the random wand screenings they would do as well as random bag checks.This security screening was so tight you couldn't sneak anything through in your personal bag and for the most part, you didn't want to either. Why?Let's say one day you decided to sneak in your iPod to listen to music during the sort. You'd carefully place it in your bag and as you sat the bag down to pass through the scanner you crossed your fingers hoping they wouldn't see it and make you take it back to your vehicle. And with a little luck, voila!, you'd get in with it and have sweet jams to listen to for your 4u20137 hour shift. Then, After sort, you put it back in your bag to pass through Security.Yeah that's right! The way you enter, is the same way you leave, scanners and all, only now, the guards watching the x-ray machines are on high alert for any possible theft!! You may have entered with your iPod but you sure weren't going to leave with it. Yeah security had the right to confiscate anything they felt was stolen, and to get it back you had to show proof of purchase and a picture of you with the item taken prior to the date it was confiscated. Yeah everything from ear rings to electronics could be subject to this.Metal, electronics, and anything with a cord or plug in were easy to spot items that could easily get taken from you. Now, all of that security was in place to keep you from brining anything harmful in and to keep you from stealing anything from the inside. Why was that needed?Literally millions of shipments come through the FedEx hubs on their night sorts. Everything at some point, crosses someone's potentially sticky fingers. To ensure their customers packages and contents weren't being stolen, security check outs were mandatory.Im not saying everyone that works at FedEx is a thief, not at all! They're very hard working and trusting people in my experience. It's not like people are grabbing boxes and ripping them open with the hopes of finding something to steal, it's not like that at all. The check is really only necessary because of the structural integrity of most cardboard boxes and Manila envelopes, is poor at best. A lot of people don't know this, but your package, when shipped in the mail, isn't handled with care. What that means is, your box, will be kicked, thrown, dropped, shaken, smashed, run over, crushed, and pummeled as it winds its way through all mail carriers sorting systems. This leads to all kinds of contents literally leaking out all over the place.I can't even begin to describe some of the things you would see pass by that had come out of a box that had been pushed past its limits from the sort. Magazines, candy bars, flowers, plates, movie posters, toys, video games, iPhones, iPods, cds, misc computer parts, advertisements for hookers, DVDs, live fish, dead fish, cow sperm, cow manure(yeah that was a bad night, literal poop in my work area) human bile, and I'm not joking when I say I literally found a pair of human kidneys, yeah! Organs people! Human organs that had fallen out of a dry ice packaged styrofoam box. I literally picked up the bag they were sealed in and then radio downed to the hazmat crew that we needed them immediately.So then, with all the chaos going on with sort and these packages breaking open and spilling their goodies on the ground, certain low value items could be easily swiped by anyone really. Food items, books, magazines, any small non electronic item that came out of packages and someone could grab quick, shove in a pocket or eat right there, were gone and by gone I mean stolen.One example, during Easter time, we had a massive 50 lb box of those small chocolate Cadberry eggs break open on the slide my group was working. Out of no where, like a little kids dream, candy started sliding down to us in bunches. Team members were literally picking them up, ripping off the foil, and popping into their mouths by the handfuls! In all reality, this was a federal crime but one that no one really would've cared about or reported to management. Once management knew of any potential theft, they were automatic required to disclose that to security.Now that you know all these details, I can finally answer the question I came here to answer.One night, I was working on the manual secondaries. This was an area where a giant belt brought a variety of packages to a metal slide. An automated diverter machine pushed packages off the belt, down the slide and into work areas where we stood. We would grab the packages as the hit the stop, look at the labels and throw them on one of 6 belts based on the digit destination code. We were required to sort 34 packages a minute, for a full 4 hours. It was exhausting!On this particular night the re-wraps, broken open boxes hat we tried to put back together with tape, were extremely heavy. Open boxes were flying at us left and right. In the secondaries, all the rewraps were done at the end of the slide. So when you'd get an open box, you'd shout, u201cOPENu201d, place the open box on the middle belt behind with any of its contents and then watch it to make sure the guy doing re-wraps on the end grabbed it and started taping it up.The guy doing re-wraps this night was a particularly annoying kid in his early 20u2019s that clashed with everyone. He thought he was FGod and everyone should bow to him and his superior knowledge. He had been there about a year before I got hired on, so he felt he was better than most on the team and in all reality, he wasn't. He was just obnoxious, annoying and arrogant and he had rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. He was also a total nerd who loved anime and Poku00e9mon, wore glasses and a white head band while he worked. Getting a good visual for him? Ok good.Out of nowhere a giant box comes down the slide completely ripped open and spewing these cardstock printed bookmarks. Printed on these ordinary bookmarks was some sort of anime character. I don't know who it was or anything, I don't follow those cartoons. These things were everywhere. So we'd grab them by the handfuls, put them on the middle slide and send them down to the nerd on the end to box back up.Well, whoever it was that was printed on this bookmark, it appealed to the village nut. He decided, quickly that no one would notice if just 1 of these little bookmarks went missing. So he pocketed one of them instead of putting it in the box. The girl working next to him, saw this as an opportunity. Finally, a chance to rid herself of this annoying kid from her life once and for all!On her next break, she told our manager what happened and what she saw. This obligated our manager to report this to security so they stop and search him on his way out. I honestly had no idea this was going on at the time. I find out all this information the next night.So, as he trudged his way up to security with the bookmark still in his pocket, security stopped him and took him and his bag into a room to be searched. They found the bookmark as described and immediately suspended him, pending investigation.After a few weeks, it was determined that he did indeed attempt to steal the bookmark, he was terminated and I think, charged with mail tampering, a felony, I'm told. I'm not 100% sure if that's what he was charged with, he was fired over it but him being charged may have just been a rumor.Either way, his crime, stealing a bookmark, the cost, his job and likely his reputation, maybe even a criminal charge. Pointless because it was a bookmark! He could've ordered 50 of them online and it would've cost him next to nothing.
Who is someone you will never forget and why?
u201cBuddha marvayega aaj!u201dFlashback. I was at my native place for vacations. It was time to leave. I hated school then, for they ended my vacations. The scenario's not much different now.So me, my mum and my Nani decided to hire a driver. My mum talked to him and he said he was ready to drive. Great. Now we can all safely go home. Little AD was just happy that he didn't have to travel through lal dabba.Next morning we greet him. He is this 90 year old looking dude with a bitchin' goggle and lean body. He wore khaki pants with a white shirt.u201cChale kya?u201d He asks us in a deep macho voice. He was one dope ass grandpa.We loaded the luggage in the trunk of car. It was an Innova. Wow! It was a new car then. Awesome!u201cMai aage baithunga! Akele!u201d I call dibs on front seat.u201cThik haiu2026u201d My mom forfeits after I refuse chana from her in exchange to sit back. But your 07 boi had already loaded his pants. Ka-pow! 4 chana packets in my half chaddi.We are ready. We set off. A 5.5 hour long journey.For the first hour he didn't cross the threshold of 35 km/hr. I was being murdered. 20 cars overtook us in 2 minutes.u201cKya dadaji? Itna slow to bunty ka saabun bhi nahi hai!u201d I urge him to go faster.It was 12 pm and the heat had already baked us half to death. I turned on the AC. Grandpa gave me a scathing look.You don't touch buttons in my car boi.Now at that time I was serious about jumping from the car. I looked at him in disbelief.But wait. His eyes had this gleam. This spark which was not before. What?We came to an intersection. It connected to the highway.He glanced over me.You want speed lil boy? Then geddit.He went berserk.40u202650u202660u202670u202680u202690u2026100The engine whirred and hummed and the car shook. Maa and nani were soundly sleeping back. I was not. I glanced over him and he had this crazy expression of a prisoner set loose.He choked the accelerator to the floor. The accelerator pleaded mercy. He wasn't going to get any. Grandpa then put on his goggle.Oh fuck. Shit is gonna get serious.He might as have yelled YEEHAWWWW!He swerved, he swished, he sped. For little AD 70 km/hr was traumatizing speed. 120 was literally heart breaking.u201cBuddha aaj marvayega. Saala apni hi masti thi aage baithne ki! Bhugto ab!u201d Little AD was terrified.It was his road now. We were in his territory. Other cars better watch out the humdinger. He overtook 20 cars in 2 minutes. On the highway. At 120 km/hr. I was afraid. I popped out a chana packet.I began munching nervously. He would occasionally pick up some calls and laugh maniacallyu2026wth! Mom! Nani! SOS?But boy was he a slick driver. He would push through between 2 cars with ease. The cars on the side would go off-road, but hey! It's their problem! Grandpa is the speed devil! You don't mess with the devil.The 5.5 hour journey was cut short to 3.5 hour one. Wtf. No no that's wrong. He must have taken a shortcut. He didn't. He sped through.Mum and nani thought it was lunch time.They were surprised to see that we had reached home. They checked their watches. Had it stopped? Because last they had seen, speed grandpa was an old man who wouldn't cross 35 km/hr. They were confused.They thanked him. He went away. We reached home. I was shaken.I never heard about him again.And I don't want to ever.Mean grandpa wouldn't let me turn on AC. Cruel hag. But that must be the most badass dude I ever met.Kudos!
What if someone failed to fill out PMMS (GTU)?
Nothing to worry about it. It also happened with many of my batchmates. Just contact your faculty. Sometimes Gtu gives time to fill PMMS deatils even after Completion of Project Viva.
What happens to dogs who fail police training?
Depends on the police force, where the dog came from, when the dog failed training, what the dog is being trained to do and the reason why the dog failed.Basic answers. A) dog is returned to where it came from, B) dog is rehomed directly by the police force, C) dog is sent to a rescue centre to be rehomed, D) dog is rehomed to a different working force possibly military, security company, assistance dog charity or dog sport home, E) females may be kept for breeding, F) dog is euthanized.Most adult dogs go to the police force on a trial, usually two weeks but can vary. Usually owners / rescue centre who 'gift' the dog are required to sign a contract saying that they will take the dog back if it fails. After that time they can still choose to return dog or dispose of by another means.Puppies raised by the police are specially bred from quality stock. They can be given back to the families who raised them for the police or are often rehomed directly by the police force, bitches can be kept for breeding if they fail for a minor reason not considered to be hereditary.Dogs fail for a variety of reasons. 1) Too sensitive to training methods used, 2) Too nervous for role, 3) becomes nervous due to accident / injury, 4) too aggressive towards handler, 5) too aggressive towards others, 6) unable to cope with stress of job, 7) unable to cope with being kennelled for long periods of time, 8) fails a medical test, 9) becomes injured or ill, 10) does not easily train with the methods used.If a dog fails due to too much aggression they are often euthanized. I have seen them rehomed to rescues but this does often not end well. Many police agencies have a ban on rehoming animals taught to bite because of the potential liabilities. In some situations dogs too aggressive to be handled can be homed as 'guard dogs' for the military but this no longer happens in the UK.If you want to donate a dog to your local police force, you need to ask them for their policies but many high drive animals would thrive as a working dog and they are needed. Training and assessment procedures have developed over time and it is far less likely that dogs will fail once accepted than it used to be.
Do police officers have monthly ticket quotas?
Yes - as late as 2022 in my department. In my department there was a quota for patrol units to write 30 tickets a month (motors and traffic units were higher of course). It was universally hated by officers. Our way of rebelling was to wait until the last shift of the month, and then go write a book full of warning parking tickets in the nicer areas of the city.This did two things. First, it didnu2019t collect any money for the city (whose administration was behind the quota in the first place). Second, it generated a metric shit-ton of phone complaints from people. As most cops will tell you, a residential parking ticket in a suburb will generate more hate and discontent than just about anything else. People will go to the fucking mat to fight a parking ticket for some reason. Some sergeants got on board as well, and would explain to the complainants that the city administration was forcing their officers to write the tickets, and then would give the city manageru2019s office line to forward any comments to.Anyway, we were able to generate enough complaints, with no corresponding revenue, that the city manager caved and the quota miraculously disappeared.
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