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All right thanks daph well let's talk about college for a minute it tis the season for college applications and the process isn't the same as maybe when we were kids it's estimated that this year's crop of college applicants will be the largest in US history and that means more competition joining us now is Tim - he is the assistant dean for undergraduate admissions at the business school at ASU and it's nice to have you with us thank you nice to be here so let's see let's talk we're going to talk about the carey school in just a minute but I want to ask you a little bit about you know this is kind of that time when you've got that application on the table and you're you know getting a little weepy that this is gonna be a little separation that's happening here how do you prepare children for college what's that first step for them as they as they look at that application well I think that the process actually begins a little bit earlier which isn't to say that a lot of people don't start right at that point again thinking about it in senior year but for those parents who have children that are or perhaps just beginning high school that's a good time to begin the discussion and to begin preparing because before those applications get filled out there needs to be a discussion about what does it take to get into college what am I going to need to do to prepare myself so that's really what has to happen first and then I think that process of making sure that someone's taking the right courses that they are involved in the right activities and that they kind of understand and are motivated to do what's important I think once the time comes around to fill out the application then that's not quite such a difficult time some of those structures are already in picture we were talking about your son is 15 and a half and he's got an idea of what do you want to do yeah but this is a good time to have those discussions and say where do you see your future exactly and it does require them okay so now we've got the application process started here and I think for a lot of parents they say you know where do we even begin which colleges do we really want to look at how can you really deep dive into each of these and figure out what the best place is for you and and for your child well parents and and their children today are fortunate because there's so many resources for them to utilize to explore colleges and universities back in my day you had to make phone calls you had to visit right you had to sit down talk to your counselor and hopefully obtained published materials when they were.


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