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Instructions and Help about Tsa headquarters

Frankie's got your yellow good morning everyone the subcommittee and transportation and maritime security now comes to order the committee is meeting today to receive testimony on the TSA workforce crisis a homeland security risk I want to thank our ranking member mr. Schoen our panel of witnesses for joining us today today sharing will discuss the challenges facing TSA the workforce and how they impact ASA's national security mission we're very aware of the threats facing our country and our transportation system terrorists lone wolves and other threat threat actors continue to target crowded airports mass transit hubs air carriers with the ultimate goal of taking down one of our airplanes TSA has no failsafe mission a single bomber weapon slipping through our security could be used with devastating effects transportation officers RTSs work on the front line as our country's main defenders against these threats their jobs are restricted ifficult as they must work to look for a needle in a haystack in overstuffed bags pat-down passengers in very uncomfortable areas detect fraudulent IDs and keep pace with the evolving policies and technologies all while serving as the face of government to sometimes uncooperative passengers ensuring that TSA hires trains and retains professional work force should be one of the Department of Homeland Security's top priorities unfortunately the administration has placed supporting TSA workforce on the back burner president has prioritized the border wall above all all other homeland security missions threatening to undermine the security of the traveling public and just recently we learned that the administration sending TSA employees including TSO s to the southwest border just as a busy summer summer travel season is about to begin GSA's work force has already stretched too thin and can't afford to such diversions psays morale is low and it's attrition is high last year out of 410 federal agencies subcomponents surveyed TSA came in the 400 and tenth or last when it came to employee Paik satisfaction can't do business that way TSS are among the lowest paid workers in government and we saw during the recent shutdown that many of them live paycheck to paycheck and let me repeat TS s of the Hmong lowest paid workers in government and during the most recent shutdown many of them lived paycheck to paycheck t SS also lacked basic workforce rights and protections such as full collective bargaining rights and the ability to appeal disciplinary actions to an independent third party this is no way to run a national security agency TSA administrator David Bukowski has attempted to address some of these challenges by creating a career progression plan for TSO s but more must be done and unfortunately in response to my question at our subcommittees recent hearing last month administrator potosi refused to commit to continue working with TSA unions once a current collective bargaining agreement expires in December collective bargaining at TSA is already limited to coast to scope and inadequate to meet the.

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