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How to complete any TSA Puppy Adoption Application online:

  1. On the site with all the document, click on Begin immediately along with complete for the editor.
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Adopt a military dog that failed

Instructions and Help about Adopt a military dog that failed

Everybody can't hear and heavy and we have just left Petsmart and they were having animal adoptions today and so we had been you know we've been I mentioned before how we've been looking for another dog to add to our family another furry family member and you know give give us another companion as well as Bella another companion Bella's are massive Saint Bernard she's getting along in years and but she does enjoy the company of other dogs as well and it's just time you know and so we've been looking and we wanted to adopt a dog out of a rescue or something like that and so it's been kind of a process so you know here we're wanting to we have all our family here with us so that you know we can kind of all go on this journey together and you know so we've left without a pup or without a dog again and so it's just kind of like the experience that we have in trying to adopt in dealing with the workers who I mean I'm very grateful for what they're doing I think they're they're trying to do something really noble by you know trying to but everything that they're doing it's all good you know it's just that I think that the whole process needs work because it's like it's like they're so I don't know would you say they're they're so picky and so tedious with who they would let the dog go to that I think that they're losing good homes and then crying about not having good homes available for the dogs so we tried to be as honest as we could we told them we have an 8 year old Mastiff st. Bernard at home she gets along well with other dogs never had a problem she's getting along in years and I've got a lot of space for the dogs to run at home we do have small children but they are taught to respect the animals and to treat them kindly and you know I mean that they would be loved for sure but you know if you know they stay here oh you have another dog in a home oh well in my opinion you know this dog wouldn't do well with it without I mean I understand that some dogs do not do well with other dogs but when you have on the description of the dog that this dog does well with other dogs then don't tell me that they don't and then when you have in the description that this dog does well with children or I think one of them was even written that said would love for this home to go to a home with young children and then when we get there saying I don't know this isn't the dog for you is in the dog for you because the dog was too timid to get.

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