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Tsa authority Form: What You Should Know

As you may recall, during the past year, various government bodies have received threats from terrorist groups, which have resulted in an increase in security requirements to be implemented at certain transportation Informational Response to TSA Letter of Investigation Notice This form is in response to that TSA Letter of Investigation Notice. We are providing our support to the TSA and your agency in order to provide information to you as necessary. This is not a formal public response from your agency. The information you are requested to provide is in the form of responses. You will review the contents of this document and submit the information and any additional responses (attachments) which you believe to be pertinent. This form is a response to your request to provide copies and/or a copy of the following: copies of documents in your possession that relate to your claim, including copies of any relevant Federal and/or State documents related to the above-noted threat to the United States, including, but not limited to (1) information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), (2) information from Customs and Border Protection (CBP), (3) information from Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and (4) information from Transportation Security Officers (TSO). The following requirements apply to your request. Your agency must comply with all applicable laws, rules, and agency security-related directives regarding providing information on the above-noted threat. Your agency must provide your information in response to the above-noted threat and do not request any confidential, privileged, or sensitive information. Your agency may provide additional information regarding the request. Your agency must not provide information not otherwise permitted by law. Your agency may not disclose information that would violate any applicable rules, policies, or agreements. Your agency may not disclose information that would violate the law or interfere with the investigation or enforcement of federal, state, or local law, rule, or regulation. Your agency must comply with all applicable rules, policies, and security directives concerning the production and dissemination of information pertaining to threats to transportation security. The following are additional requirements for providing any information provided under this notice. If you are providing documents to be submitted under this form under penalty of perjury, make them available immediately to: ATTN: TSA, TSA-CR-20034 This letter is part of the TSA claims package that includes: (1) SF-95 Instructions, (2) SF-95 Claim Form, and (3) SF-95 Supplemental. Information Form.

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Instructions and Help about Tsa authority

A 19-year old cancer patient who is partially deafblind and paralyzed spent a night in jail after TSA officers left her bloodied and bruised at airport security that according to the girl's mother who is now suing the TSA the airport and airport police Hannah Cohen is her name she was heading home to Chattanooga Tennessee from Memphis after treatment for brain tumor at st. Jews Children Hospital her mother claims TSA agents wanted to do extra screening on her daughter who resisted because she didn't understand she was confused and his mother says one agent put her disabled daughter on the ground Hannah's head hitting the floor leaving her quote bloody and blood everywhere security arrested Hannah arrested her put her in jail but then they later dropped the charges the TSA wouldn't comment directly about the situation but a spokesperson did say this quote passengers can call ahead of time to learn more about the screening process for their particular needs or medical situation Phillip Seigle joins us he's an investigative attorney and president of Charles Griffin intelligence also wrote the new book the art of fact investigation Phillip thanks for being with us hi great this doesn't look good for TSA looks looks really bad unless they could argue that they thought this girl was going for a weapon it's hard to imagine how anybody mentally impaired or not would justify being treated that what if they thought she was trying to run well you can how far can you get and if she was trying to run they could still probably resist she's a small girl who's a who's impaired and can't see can't hear it's just hard to imagine how reasonably they would have to wrestle her to the ground we've all been in airports...