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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Tsa dog screening

Instructions and Help about Tsa dog screening

A Texas mother is outraged after TSA agent Pat down at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport security left her special needs son traumatized artis Trinity Chavez tells us why Jennifer Williamson said her son Aaron didn't set off any alarms during the screening but TSA agents searched him anyway causing them to miss their flight livid at the situation she took to Facebook and posted this video Sunday morning that shows her son being patted down by a TSA agent the video quickly went viral and has garnered over 5 million views she said that she asked agents at DFW International Airport for a different kind of screening for her son with special needs and said they were treated like dogs according to her social media account in the video you see one TSA agent patting down her son and Williamson says that to airport police also joined the pat-down at some point she said in a Facebook post she set off no alarms he physically did not alarm at all during screening he passed through the detector just fine he is still several hours later saying I don't know what I did what did I do she added somehow these power tripping TSA agents who are traumatizing children and doing whatever they feel like without any cause need to be reined in but the TSA says that the agent in question follows the procedure to a tee in a statement to RT the agency said TSA allows for pat downs of a teenage passenger and in this case all approved procedures were followed to resolve an alarm of the passengers laptop the TSA adds that the pat-down only took about two minutes and the two officers who were present were called to mitigate the concerns of the mother reporting in New York Trinity Chavez RT.


What are TSA dogs usually smelling for in passenger screening lines?
What are TSA dogs usually smelling for in passenger screening lines? What’s the TSA procedure for a traveler with a service dog? Does the dog get the same screening as the human? Do you agree with TSA's rationale for planning to use floppy-eared dogs instead of pointy-eared dogs at security screenings because of how pointy-eared dogs scare children? When did TSA start using dogs at security checkpoints? What did someone do in TSA/airport security that made you say "You gotta be kidding me"? What is an experience with TSA/airport security that you will never forget? I got a boarding pass with TSA PreCheck, however I never signed up, is there a reason for this? Is it legal to fly with marijuana between legal marijuana states?
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