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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Tsa dog breeds

Instructions and Help about Tsa dog breeds

This is a highly specialized dog the GSA is growing even more than two decades after 9/11 and over the last few years their cannon program has seen a large expansion but is it working what exactly they trained for is nebulous they don't train small drugs and what explosives they can detect are disclosed right now we're in San Antonio we're on our way to the Lackland Air Force Base to go talk with the TSA this is inside one of their new 12 million-dollar training grounds we're here to find out how the cannons actually sniff out the bomb and if it's with all the text always that go into it k9 teams in the TSA program place in if vehicle you know there are another additional layer of security that helps provider transportation systems and securing the general public side of it you know dogs aren't human so you can't force it into work okay so first the process is more complex than you might think there are two main goals preparing the doc to detect bombs but even more importantly to train the dog and the handler to become a unit that'll live and work together for the rest of the Ducks career interesting they don't get dogs for the first four days that they're on ground so we get a group of dogs that are ready for class hands in and handed to us from the trained unit so we take the group of dogs we of course assess their personalities type of dog they are and then what's the student's the handlers arrived on ground and then that's where we try to do the best we can to make the best match possible ok so once a dog and handler match and then becomes all about training them to work in different scenarios mr eazi a purse or just a suitcase and then we progress through various environments like this airplane yes they they will graduate together as a team and then they will go back to their city that their frome's together as a team shocking to me is that noise is the dog get trained it gets messed up for the handler and that dog will go live and work with a handler for the next six to ten years on average the entire training process takes anywhere from ten to twelve weeks and at which point then they'll be stationed at a specific airport however the condition is that they can then be redeployed at a different Airport based on the threat intelligence at a moment's notice Music annually the TSA claim to train about 250 k9 teams however of course the successor is not a hundred percent and they don't disclose the failures it's there's there's no equation that makes the perfect match sometimes a high-energy dog works well with a lower energy person they balance each other and then sometimes it's a catastrophe words you know a bad.

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